Rapid Reflection on the Scale-up of Cash Coordination for the TĂŒrkiye/Syria Earthquake Response

Final Evaluation of the Innovative Approaches to Response Preparedness Programme (IARP)

Capitalisation and institutionalisation of HEA in Senegal and Burkina Faso and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the decentralised capacities of the national SAPS

Consulting Services for the Technical Assistance/Management Consultant, within the Malawi Social Cash Transfers Programme

Impact evaluation of Save the Children’s Education Safe From Disasters programme in the Philippines

State of the World’s Cash 2023

Gender-transformative social protection in crisis contexts: guidance note

Online training: market analysis for logistics team

Use of Cash and Voucher Assistance to achieve protection outcomes : policy outline

Final evaluation of the WATAD Project in Lebanon

Recommendations to develop Humanity & Inclusion’s work with local partners and strengthen localization in Ukraine

Review of the relief items distribution for the Ukraine and impacted countries crises emergency response in Moldova

Midterm evaluation of the vocational training program MTAM Mai Ngo Ti A Masseka

Evaluation of monetary interventions for livelihoods and economic inclusion in Burkina Faso

Development of the Engine 2 MEAL Framework

Study on social Protection in the Sahel

Evaluation of a BHA-funded multi-sectoral emergency response to conflict affected populations in South-West Cameroon

Value for Money assessment of the LIVES program in Ukraine and Poland

IFRC – Internal Review of Covid-19 operations’ in India and Bangladesh

AFL – PROFIL II Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of the HEA Sahel Regional Project

Multi country Real Time Review of UNWomen humanitarian action

Meta Evaluation – Welt Hunger Hilfe

Labour market assessment to explore untapped economic opportunities in Gaza for NRC

CORE – Cash and Voucher Assistance Action Planning and Organizational Capacity Review

Social Protection Analysis Study for the UNHCR Regional Bureau of Dakar

Evidence and practice review of the use of cash transfers in contexts of acute food insecurity

Review of UNHCR’s multipurpose cash assistance and protection outcomes for internally displaced people in Yemen

Developping “Being Cash prepared” Toolbox

Cash and Voucher Assistance for Nutrition in Emergencies: Programmatic Challenges and Promising Practices

Country Strategic Plan Evaluation – Central African Republic (2018 – 2022)

Final External Evaluation – Support of emergency food security and livelihood of affected populations in Kamonia, Dimbelenge, Kazumba and Dibaya (Kasaï and Central Kasaï, DRC) territories

Support for the design of a nutrition-sensitive cash transfer project in Zinder, Niger (2022)

Cash Feasibility study of an agricultural revival project in the Dibaya Territory, Central Kasai Province

Capitalization and institutionalization of the Household Economy Analysis (HEA) in five countries (Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad)

Evaluation of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s Preparedness Portfolio

External evaluation – End of the five-year “Model Village” programme in Rwanda

Pre Crisis Market Assessment (PCMA),Feasibility of cash transfers as part of a rapid response programme from the Enhanced Responses to Nutrition Emergencies (ERNE) programme

Evaluation of Caritas Venezuela’s CVA Project TENGO II

UNHCR Cameroon – UNHCR feasibility review of using cash for shelter interventions in Far North Cameroon

BRC-Fl Strenghthening Resilience to Disasters in Urban and Rural Malawi (STRIM)

External Evaluation of the Global SMART Initiative

Rapid Market Assessment in North and Sahel Region of Burkina Faso

Capitalization mission of the Support Project for the Stone and Eco-construction Trades (PAMPEC) in Mali, Togo and Benin

Final evaluation of the project “Strengthening CSO Programme Data Management”

Final evaluation of the multisectoral assistance response in CAR

VenEsperanza – Value for Money Study

Stocktaking of gender, GBV and cash and voucher assistance tools

Summative Evaluation of BRC-Fl WaSH Action Plan Programme 2017–2021 in Burundi, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Tanzania

Training in evaluation of humanitarian projects

Evaluation of the Maharat Li Loubnan (MLL) project

External end evaluation first aid program 2017 – 2021

CALP Network Training Revision

Humanitarian Assistance and Social Protection Linkages: strengthening shock-responsiveness of social protection systems in the Ukraine crisis

National Evaluation Capacity Readiness Assessment of Ethiopia

Building a Cash plus Response in Lebanon

Final External Evaluation – Local Cash Transfer Response to the Sahel Regional Crisis in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

Humanitarian Assistance And Resilience Programme (Harp) Facility – Cash Transfer Programmes Review In Kachin/Northern Shan And Rakhine States

Independent Evaluation of the Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH) joint appeal to the Syrian refugee crisis

External Evaluation – Cash Assistance in Re-Emerging Markets in Syria (CARMA)

Consultancy for the National Disaster Comission from Papua New Guinea to strengthen emergency preparedness

Value for money study of the NLRC COVID-19 Response Programme

Process evaluation of the African Risk Capacity payment in Ivory Coast

Value for Money Study – Cash Assistance in Re-Emerging Markets in Syria (CARMA)

Evaluation of the Sponsorship Programme in Niger

Evaluation of CALP’s work: a focus on the West and Central Africa experience (2018 – 2021)

Labour Market Diagnostic Analysis in Zimbabwe

Technical Cash and Voucher Assistance to the Lao PDR Cash Working Group

Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff: Training of trainers

DIPSAC Project summative evaluation in Malawi and Mozambique

Evaluation of Trócaire’s Irish Aid funded Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP)

Ready to Respond process evaluation

Evaluation of Irish Aid’s Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP)

Evaluation to the Joint ADH Appeal for Cyclone Idai in Mozambique

CARE – Organizational Readiness Assessment: CARE’s Cash and Voucher Assistance (OCRT)

Evaluation of Action Aid’s ‘Tax, privatisation and the right to education’ project

Evaluation of the French Red Cross’ project: strenghening Central African Red Cross’ capacities in fighting against sexual and gender-based violence in CAR

Information Management remote training

AMIRA Programme Final Evaluation

Final evaluation of the project: Vital emergency assistance to conflict-affected populations in the prefectures of Ouham and Ouham-Pendé, CAR

Assessement of needs and strengthening of the DRR network of the AFD

Programme Evaluation for the Lebanon Protection Consortium (LPC)

Final Evaluation of the Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) Project, Phase II

Evaluation of the Sponsorship Programme in El Salvador 2010-2020: Primeros Pasos Hacia el Éxito (First Steps to Success)

SEADS Evidence Review for Agriculture Market Systems

Evaluation of the Dorcas DIF 121 Personal Cash Aid Project

Libya Labour Market Assessment for IOM

Regional study for UNHCR operation in the Middle East and North Africa: Cash-Based Interventions and Protection

Independent Evaluation of the ADH joint appeal to the Syrian refugee crisis

Cash and Voucher Assistance training – Fundamentals

Market Assessment – Training of Trainers

Cash and Voucher Assistance – Briefing modules for donors

World Bank – Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Response in Papua New Guinea

ALNAP Lessons Paper on Ebola epidemics

Cluster Evaluation for 3 ILO Projects in Occupied Palestine Territory

Final Review – Lebanese Red Cross Cash Response to Beirut Explosions 2020

CARE – Better Gender Outcomes in Food Assistance through Complementary and Multi-Modal Programing

UNICEF: Evaluation of the rapid response mechanism (RRM) in Central African Republic

NRC Transition to Employment (T2E) Evaluation

External Final Evaluation of the Yes I Do programme and alliance

Qualitative research on the impact of COVID-19 on children

Group Cash Transfers (GCTs)

Evaluation of Enhanced Readiness to Respond Grants FY15-FY19

Stocktaking of gender, GBV and cash and voucher assistance tools (2020)

Regional Mapping of CVA in the Asia Pacific Region

External Evaluation – Improving the local response capacity and strengthening the resilience of Congolese refugees in Western Uganda

UNICEF – WaSH Services Monetization Scale-up Feasibility Analysis

Mid-term Evaluation of WFP’s relief food and cash assistance to conflict affected people in Kachin and Northern Shan States

UN Women toolkit and guidance note

Support for the Laos Cash Working Group to develop context-specific CVA Guidelines and an MEB

Cash feasibility study – ACF Zimbabwe

Virtual Conference for internal project review of the Growing Together! Project

How design influences value for money

ALIMA – Organisational Review

AFD – Implementation of new tools for analysis in Disaster Risk Reduction

Value for Money Analysis of WFP’s Multi-Purpose Cash assistance processes in Lebanon

Comparative study of the impact of different cash modalities on gender dynamics and people with disabilities in Syria 2019-2021

CARE – CVA and GBV training

Evaluation of the Belgian Red Cross’s Disaster Preparedness programme in the African Great Lakes Region

ACF – Cost-efficiency analysis of the pilot project fresh products voucher

Study on improving the living conditions and nutrition of children and their families through interventions combining the CASH + approach and Food Security / Resilience actions

DRC – Evaluation of OFDA and PRM-funded Projects in Iraq

AmRC – Information Management remote training

Evaluation of Save the Children Sponsorship Programme in Mali (Sikasso and Yorosso Impact Area)

DRC – Remote Market Systems Analysis and Support in Myanmar

NRC – Review of Logistics’ Role in Market Analysis and Roll Out Plan Development

HI – Labour Market Scoping Study in Biera, Mozambique

DEC – Real-Time Review Response to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi

IRC – Market Study of Non Food Items (NFI) in Lake Chad Province

UNICEF – One Unified Inter-Organisational System for E-cards (LOUISE) Learning Review in Lebanon

CARE – Feasibility study of cash transfers in Boeny region, Madagascar

DRC – Design and delivery of tailored Cash and Voucher Assistance Training in Nigeria

PUI – Design and Delivery of tailored Cash and Voucher Assistance Training

UNICEF – Cash related Management Information System

IRC – Digital Payment Curriculum Development

WFP – Training Design and Delivery on the Evaluation of Cash Transfer Programmes in East Africa

UNICEF – Humanitarian Cash Transfers (HCT) Toolkit

CaLP – Tip Sheet: Market Support Interventions in Humanitarian Contexts

Labour Market Analysis Framework and Toolkit to Support the Construction Sector in Humanitarian Settings

CIAT – Mobilizing Private Sector Led Climate Actions in Agriculture in Niger

IFRC – Evaluation of Livelihoods Programme

IRW – Real-time Evaluation of Islamic Relief Worldwide’s Response to the Tsunami and Earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia

SCI – COSACA Cash Preparedness Project Evaluation in Mozambique

IDS – Cash Transfers and Child Labor Scoping Study

AKF – Case study on CVA-Related Risks in Government Controlled Areas in Syria

DRC – Final Evaluation, ECHO-funded Protection Consortium in Jordan

Swiss Solidarity – Ten years later: Impact Evaluation in Haiti

ECHO – Review of Cash Transfer Modalities in Afghanistan

UNICEF – Learning from Multipurpose Cash Grant including WASH as part of flood response in Myanmar

IRC – Evaluation of Supporting Economic Opportunities and Livelihoods Project in Jordan

BRC – Final Evaluation of the V2R Project in Kurigram, Bangladesh

Christian Aid – In their Lifetime (ITL) External Review and Report

NRC – Youth Labor Market Assessment in Democratic Republic of Congo

OXFAM – ELNHA Humanitarian Capacity Development Fund (HCDF) Learning Review

NRC – Multi-Sectoral Needs Assessment in Niger

CRS – The revision of the MARKit manual and toolkit 2.0

World Vision – Developing CVA Standard Operating Procedures and common standards for the National Office in South Sudan

DRC – Final Evaluation of the Integration Recovery and Resilience Programme in Nepal

ALNAP – Earthquake Lessons Paper

UNRWA – Study of social transfer programmes and options in the Gaza Strip

CaLP – Case Study on CTP-related risks in Northern Mali

BRC – Final Evaluation of the Earthquake Recovery Programme in Nepal

CaLP – Review of CTP operational model

HelpAge – Evaluation of the ALERT project

DFID – Talent Developement Project Final Evaluation

NRC – Basic Needs Programme Final Evaluation in Zaatari and Azraq camps

World Vision – Cash Feasibility in Mozambique