Final Evaluation of the Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) Project, Phase II


One of the initiatives developed by Oxfam to promote localisation is the Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) Project, which is a five-year initiative to strengthenthe role of local and national humanitarian actors in preparing for and responding to disasters. The scope of this evaluation covered all activities in the ELNHA project’s second phase from April 2019 to March 2021.The evaluation was conducted for both accountability to the donor and project stakeholders and learning on developing and implementing localisation efforts.

The purpose of the evaluation was to understand the results of the various ELNHA mechanisms and the impact of the project on local and national humanitarian actors’ capacities, the effectiveness of humanitarian action for affected populations, and how the project’s evidence of localisation practices and advocacy efforts had a more global influence.The evaluation covered Bangladesh and Uganda and global levels and used a participatory, mixed-methods approach that included both primary and secondary data. Key Aid Consulting collected primary data both in-country and remotely. The evaluation team consulted 129 people representing ELNHA Oxfam teams, Oxfam, local and national humanitarian actors, and external stakeholders.

Read the final report here.

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