Learning lab

In such a rapidly changing landscape, we are committed to accompany humanitarian practitioners and organizations along their learning curve. Learning in the humanitarian sector is still too often limited to the traditional face to face in a room training. At Key Aid Consulting, we assess the needs of organisations and individuals, agree on a learning journey and then design and deliver innovative solutions such as blended or e-learning so as to make the most out of the time you dedicate to in a room training (if any).

Our trainers, who are RedR certified, combine field experience with a deep understanding of adult learning principles.

As our appetite for learning is insatiable, we also engage in research, mostly around cash and market based programming. By contributing to building the body of evidence, we believe practitioners will be better placed to equally consider cash and market based programming alongside other type of programming. Our research expertise ranks from solid and rigorous systematic review with well recognized academic institutions to the gathering of expert opinions to build standards.

As such, we are actively involved in the revision of the Sphere Standards.

Let`s work together!