Evaluation of Irish Aid’s Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP)

Evaluation of Irish Aid's Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP)

In 2021, KAC conducted the evaluation of Irish Aid’s Humanitarian Programme Plan (HPP) in four countries: Burundi, DRC, Myanmar and South Sudan. The programme sought to provide emergency response through food and NFI distributions, as well as livelihood support. It then aimed at reducing violence, including gender-based violence, in communities and increase their social cohesion. Its third objective was to increase communities’ resilience to shocks through collective action. The evaluation followed a qualitative approach through a thorough desk review of project documentation for each country, a primary data collection both remote (key informant interviews with project staff) and in-person (Focus Groups Discussions with communities and interviews with local authorities and some project staff). Four country reports were drafted, and a consolidated report provided a global analysis of the Programme.

COUNTRIESBurundi, DRC, Myanmar and South Sudan