Key Aid Consulting is an agile international consulting group based in France, with partnerships across the globe. We have developed a strong reputation in evaluation, adult learning and cash and market-based programming. Our services focus on improving assistance to crisis-affected households. We do so through promoting increased learning and accountability, delivering innovative programme support and evaluations, designing customized guidance and inspiring training materials for key stakeholders in the humanitarian world.

The services offered are tailored made, high quality while at the same time cost effective. Our team members have extensive experience in the humanitarian field and international development overall. We combine programme management skills, as well as technical expertise in cash transfer and market based programming; food security and livelihoods; protection and gender; and private sector partnerships.


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heads Key Aid’s work on cash and market-based programming, as well as capacity building. She has supported the institutionalisation of cash and market-based programming for UNDP, UNHCR, IRC, Save the Children, CARE, Oxfam and World Vision, among others. She has also authored several related guidance documents, including the CaLP Programme Quality Toolbox and the PCMA guidance, and is involved in the Sphere Standards revision. She is a member of the CaLP Technical Advisory Group and the Market in Crisis Board of Directors. Hélène also regularly designs and trains humanitarian practitioners on cash and market-based programming. She is a lecturer with Manchester University and Sciences Po Paris.

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oversees Key Aid’s evaluation work. He has led multiple strategic assignments to support aid and development programmes in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. These projects span across multiple INGOs and UN agencies. Clément has conducted several evaluations focused on specific Grand Bargain commitments (localisation, uptake of cash-based assistance). He is regularly involved on Key Aid’s cash and market projects. He is a member CaLP CTP technical expert roster.
Clément has also designed and implemented large-scale quantitative surveys collect and analyse data in some of today’s most challenging environments, including Gaza and Afghanistan.



Cash & Market Team Leader

Ed is a highly experienced and committed humanitarian professional with particular expertise in Market-Based Programming (MBP), including Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA). His previous roles include two years as Global CVA Adviser & UK Humanitarian Representative for People in Need, following a year as Emergency Cash-Based Programme Manager for its Syria Programme, and five years as Project Manager for the field verification of ECHO-funded Humanitarian Aid Projects. Ed is fluent in English and has working proficiency in French and Spanish. In 2015, Ed completed an MSc in Violence, Conflict & Development at SOAS, including a specialisation in International Humanitarian Law.



    Project Manager

    Danielle has lived and worked in multiple African countries. Proficient in managing full qualitative and quantitative research project cycles, she has worked for both UN agencies and INGOs, with a focus on education. She has also worked on large-scale quantitative research projects in the media sector and feasibility studies on the use of cash-based assistance in rural markets. She is fluent in English and French, holds an undergraduate degree from McMaster University (Canada) and a Master’s from Sciences Po Paris.

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    Chloé has supported various evaluations and CTP-related studies in South East Asia and Africa. She recently led a study on cash transfers and risks in Northern Mali for the Cash Learning Partnership. Her main areas of expertise are child protection, women empowerment and cash and market programming. She has previous experiences working with INGOs such as Save the Children and Oxfam, consulting groups and UN agencies, including UNICEF. She lived in Cambodia for six months and has developed a deep understanding of the Western Africa context. Chloé speaks fluent French and English and has a working proficiency in Spanish. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development from Sciences Po Paris.

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    Margaux possesses a background in humanitarian law and related principles. With Key Aid Consulting, she has supported market-based programming consultancies. She has developed valuable skills in quantitative data analysis and statistics, including having conducted a large-scale quantitative survey for UNRWA in Gaza. Previous experiences include conducting participatory assessments for UNHCR in Lebanon. Margaux holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from Sciences Po Paris. She is fluent in both English and French and has a working proficiency in Spanish.




    Nikita has supported the implementation of various programmes for INGOS and UN agencies, including IFAD and UN Women, in Asia and the Pacific, Europe, the Sahel, Sub Saharan Africa, and North America. She’s supported various CTP related projects and trainings for international INGOs, such as the Cash Learning Partnership, the DCA and the IRC. Other areas of expertise include agricultural risk management, capacity development, gender equality and mainstreaming, and sexual violence. Nikita is a native English and French speaker, with a working proficiency in Spanish. She holds a Master’s degree in International Public Management from Sciences Po Paris.

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    Joris has supported various evaluations as well as CTP and market-related studies, and has experience with the systematic review methodology. His previous experiences include working with INGOs, consulting groups and international organisations, including UNESCO. Joris has experience working in Eastern Ukraine, Jordan and Lebanon. He speaks fluent French, English, Arabic and Spanish. He has a Master’s degree in International Security from Sciences Po Paris with a focus on Middle Eastern politics and Migration.



      Humanitarian Administrator Intern

      Isabel holds a Bachelor in Finance and is pursuing her Master degree at EDHEC Business School for Creative Business & Social Innovation. Isabel has one year and a half years of experience in the private sector with knowledge in non-profit management and a high interest in the humanitarian sector. Isabel has worked in multi-cultural sectors, and is fluent in English and Spanish with a working knowledge of French.


      Anish Shrestha picture

      Anish Shrestha

      Associated Consultant

      is a consultant with a socio-economic development background. He has more than 7 years of experience working in the WaSH, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction sectors.

      Samasti tandukar

      Samasti Tandukar

      Associated Consultant

      has over 6 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research in close collaboration with various national and international institutions across Asia. She has experience preparing proposals, developing tools and guidelines, planning and implementing, and monitoring and evaluating programs. She is fluent in English, Nepali and Hindi with a sound working proficiency in Bengali and Chinese (Mandarin).


      Isabelle Pelly

      Associated Consultant

      has been at the forefront of innovation and progress in the use of cash and voucher assistance for the last decade. Her relevant experience spans strategy design, programme management, advisory roles at field office and headquarters, donor policy, and inter-agency cash coordination. She most recently led CaLP’s technical work from 2015 to 2018. Throughout her time in this role, she oversaw CaLP’s research and knowledge management portfolios, and capacity building work, as well as chairing CaLP’s Technical Advisory Group, comprised of the top cash and markets experts from the membership.

      Key Aid Consulting consultant

      Cedric Fioekou

      Associated Consultant

      is an agronomist by training who has been supporting livelihood and food security interventions across the globe, with a strong focus on West Africa for the past 14 years. Throughout the years, Cedric also developed an in-depth understanding of cash and market-based programming and was recently Solidarites International global cash advisor. He speaks both French and English.

      Image of Shahnewaz Morshed

      Shahnewaz Morshed

      Associated Consultant

      has over 3 years of experience in supporting evaluation, and designing trial, experiment and rapid assessments in the humanitarian and development sectors. He has expertise in statistical analysis and scientific research, and the use of mobile technologies in Information Management. Morshed speaks English, Bengali and Hindi.

      Key Aid Consulting consultant

      Illiassou Adamou

      Associated Consultant

      has been working in the Sahel region for the past 28 years. He is a seasoned facilitator and has support humanitarian organizations and Governments with strengthening their resilience and disaster risk reduction approach. Illiasou led numerous assessments in the area, specifically looking at food security and livelihoods. His experience mainly lies with qualitative approach and participatory appraisal techniques. Illiasou is a native French speaker and also speaks English. In terms of local languages: he is fluent in Haoussa, Djerma and Sonray.


        Ali H. Abuzaid

        Associated Consultant

        is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. He is interested in the development of outlier detection procedures in different types of data. He speaks fluent English and Arabic.

        social protection specialist with 16 years’ experience in multi-sectoral humanitarian and development programming spanning technical assistance, capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation.

        Gabrielle Smith

        Associated Consultant

        is a social protection specialist with 16 years’ experience in multi-sectoral humanitarian and development programming spanning technical assistance, capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation. She has been at the forefront of global initiatives exploring the potential for using and strengthening national social protection systems in humanitarian contexts. She developed a background paper for the World Bank on how to operationalise Adaptive Social Protection. She was a lead researcher in the DFID research on shock responsive social protection, led the feasibility study for the conditional cash for education programme for refugees in Turkey and was on the team leading the evaluation of the Emergency Social Safety Net ESSN evaluation in Turkey.

          bettina morgenstern-kennedyv20190511

          Bettina Morgenstern

          Associated Consultant

          Bettina Morgenstern is an architect and a shelter expert who focuses on land rights and sustainable construction after emergencies or in recovery phase. She has worked across INGOs, UN agencies, and the Red Cross in over 10 countries for the past decades. Bettina is well versed in cash and market based programming and regularly contributes to shelter-related publications (including the latest Global Shelter Cluster Guidance on Labour Market Analysis in the construction sector). Bettina has also developed related tools and trainings for practitioners. She holds a Masters in Architecture from Technische Universitat Berlin, and is fully fluent in English and German

            Image of Esin

            Esin Efe

            Associated Consultant

            has a background in the Middle East and five years of experience in project implementation. She is knowledgeable in the project cycle, compliance requirements and procedures, as well as research, reporting, strategy, and theories of change. Esin is a native speaker of English and Turkish and holds a master’s degree in International Affairs from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.



            Associated Consultant

            Emmlyne Emmanuel, has 10 years’ experience managing projects in Haiti, including with government and non-government stakeholders. With an educational background in public health and research methods, she has worked with international and local agencies to develop and implement health projects and has an in-depth understanding of the humanitarian environment and community issues in Haiti.


              Jürgen Mika

              Jürgen Mika is a cash specialist and a CaLP-certified trainer. He works as a Cash Programming Advisor for a large range of
              clients. He has been a cash and market advisor with Welthungerhilfe
              (WHH/GAA) for 5 years, and as part of WHHs Emergency Response Team covering
              the larger Humanitarian Disasters of the last 15 years.
              Jürgen is a Palladium Group CVA Expert of the DFAT Australia Humanitarian
              Emergency Roster (HER) and a regular guest lecturer on Cash and Voucher
              Assistance (CVA) as part of the NOHA Joint Master's Programme in
              International Humanitarian Action at the Institute for International Law of
              Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV) of the Ruhr University Bochum/Germany

                image of Lauren

                Lauren Weiss

                Associated Consultant

                has led several evaluations and projects related to cash and market based programming for UN agencies, international NGOs, the Red Cross Movement and the OECD. These consultancies have covered the preparedness, relief, and recovery phases of the project cycle, spanning South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She is comfortable utilising both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Lauren is a native English speaker with excellent analytical, writing and editing skills, and also possesses a working proficiency in French. She holds a Master’s degree in International Public Management from Sciences Po Paris.


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