Key Aid Consulting is an agile international consulting group based in France, with partnerships across the globe. We have developed a strong reputation in evaluation, adult learning and cash and market-based programming. Our services focus on improving assistance to crisis-affected households. We do so through promoting increased learning and accountability, delivering innovative programme support and evaluations, designing customized guidance and inspiring training materials for key stakeholders in the humanitarian world.

The services offered are tailored made, high quality while at the same time cost effective. Our team members have extensive experience in the humanitarian field and international development overall. We combine programme management skills, as well as technical expertise in cash transfer and market based programming; food security and livelihoods; protection and gender; and private sector partnerships.


image of Helene



Hélène heads Key Aid’s work on cash and market-based programming, as well as capacity building. She has supported the institutionalisation of cash and market-based programming for UNDP, UNHCR, IRC, Save the Children, CARE, Oxfam and World Vision, among others. She has also authored several related guidance documents, including the CaLP Programme Quality Toolbox and the PCMA guidance, and is involved in the Sphere Standards revision. She is a member of the CaLP Technical Advisory Group and the Market in Crisis Board of Directors. Hélène also regularly designs and trains humanitarian practitioners on cash and market-based programming. She is a lecturer with Manchester University and Sciences Po Paris.

image of Clement



Clément oversees Key Aid’s evaluation work. He has led multiple strategic assignments to support aid and development programmes in the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia. These projects span across multiple INGOs and UN agencies. Clément has conducted several evaluations focused on specific Grand Bargain commitments (localisation, uptake of cash-based assistance). He is regularly involved on Key Aid’s cash and market projects. He is a member CaLP CTP technical expert roster.
Clément has also designed and implemented large-scale quantitative surveys collect and analyse data in some of today’s most challenging environments, including Gaza and Afghanistan.




LoĂŻc has eight years of experience in research, project management, independent process evaluations, impact evaluations, randomized control trials, and field data collection. He has prior experience living and working in several African countries including Morrocco and CĂ´te d'Ivoire with a range of development partners including NGO's, foundations, and international organisations. Loic helps organisations use data and evidence to learn and adapt their programs. Specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). He is fluent in English French and Dutch and holds a Master in economics from the University of Amsterdam.




Martin combines his strong knowledge and interest in the humanitarian sector with his solid background in Economics to conduct sound and thorough evaluations drawing upon his analytical and problem-solving skills. He has a proven understanding of different quantitative techniques, their appropriateness across different assessments and how to communicate complex results in a concise and evidence-based manner. He is familiari with methods from behavioural sciences add a singular approach to understanding and appraising projects’ achievements. Martin has a master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris and a master’s degree in Behavioural Economics from the University of Amsterdam.




CĂ©line has worked within local associations, international NGOs, UN agencies such as the World Health Organization, ACTED and Action Against Hunger. These experiences have allowed her to work in various humanitarian contexts and with different institutional donors. Following a master degree in international humanitarian action, she first specialized in project management and then acquired expertise in monitoring and evaluation. Her first professional experiences started in Latin America, before focusing on the Middle East and in particular the Syrian crisis. She speaks French, English, Spanish and has a good command of the Levantine Arabic dialect.




Natascha has over five years of experience in the humanitarian and development sectors, working with national and international actors to improve their assistance to crisis-affected households. She has experience engaging with diverse stakeholders including persons affected by crisis, local authorities, national NGOs and international NGOs, the UN and international donors. Natascha has a Masters in social psychology and is South African.




Hugo has a good command of the humanitarian sector after managing M&E departments in CAR, DRC and Haiti for more than three years with different international NGOs. He specialized on designing monitoring and evaluation systems and countrywide complaint management system in emergency contexts. He developed operational procedures for M&E activities for rapid response mechanism projects by developing standard quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods. He also had experience as a research assistant where he focused on geopolitical issues on the South Asian region and conducted research on entry barriers for people with disabilities to humanitarian services for the humanitarian coordination in CAR. Hugo holds a master’s degree in Politics and Development from Sciences Po Bordeaux. He speaks French and English.





    Anish Shrestha picture

    Anish Shrestha

    Associated Consultant

    is a consultant with a socio-economic development background. He has more than 7 years of experience working in the WaSH, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction sectors.


    Bonaventure Nzisabira

    Bonaventure is a M&E consultant based in Burundi. Bonaventure possesses about 10 years of experience as a consultant with first hand experience in Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. Bonaventure has led both qualitative and quantitative data collection using Kobo collect/ODK Collect/Survey CTO platforms. He has extensive experience leading surveys, focus group discussions and key informant interviews. His experience includes several baseline evaluations as well as impact evaluations, or real time assessment.
    Bonaventure has a bachelor degree in political economics.


    JĂĽrgen Mika

    JĂĽrgen Mika is a cash specialist and a CaLP-certified trainer. He works as a Cash Programming Advisor for a large range of
    clients. He has been a cash and market advisor with Welthungerhilfe
    (WHH/GAA) for 5 years, and as part of WHHs Emergency Response Team covering
    the larger Humanitarian Disasters of the last 15 years.
    JĂĽrgen is a Palladium Group CVA Expert of the DFAT Australia Humanitarian
    Emergency Roster (HER) and a regular guest lecturer on Cash and Voucher
    Assistance (CVA) as part of the NOHA Joint Master's Programme in
    International Humanitarian Action at the Institute for International Law of
    Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV) of the Ruhr University Bochum/Germany

      Image of Shahnewaz Morshed

      Shahnewaz Morshed

      Associated Consultant

      has over 3 years of experience in supporting evaluation, and designing trial, experiment and rapid assessments in the humanitarian and development sectors. He has expertise in statistical analysis and scientific research, and the use of mobile technologies in Information Management. Morshed speaks English, Bengali and Hindi.

      Key Aid Consulting consultant

      Illiassou Adamou

      Associated Consultant

      has been working in the Sahel region for the past 28 years. He is a seasoned facilitator and has support humanitarian organizations and Governments with strengthening their resilience and disaster risk reduction approach. Illiasou led numerous assessments in the area, specifically looking at food security and livelihoods. His experience mainly lies with qualitative approach and participatory appraisal techniques. Illiasou is a native French speaker and also speaks English. In terms of local languages: he is fluent in Haoussa, Djerma and Sonray.


        Ali H. Abuzaid

        Associated Consultant

        is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. He is interested in the development of outlier detection procedures in different types of data. He speaks fluent English and Arabic.

        social protection specialist with 16 years’ experience in multi-sectoral humanitarian and development programming spanning technical assistance, capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation.

        Gabrielle Smith

        Associated Consultant

        is a social protection specialist with 16 years’ experience in multi-sectoral humanitarian and development programming spanning technical assistance, capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation. She has been at the forefront of global initiatives exploring the potential for using and strengthening national social protection systems in humanitarian contexts. She developed a background paper for the World Bank on how to operationalise Adaptive Social Protection. She was a lead researcher in the DFID research on shock responsive social protection, led the feasibility study for the conditional cash for education programme for refugees in Turkey and was on the team leading the evaluation of the Emergency Social Safety Net ESSN evaluation in Turkey.


          Blessing Mutsaka

          Blessing is a senior development professional with 17 years’ experience in leadership, management and technical roles in development programs in Sudan, Zimbabwe, DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and India. He has extensive experience in monitoring, evaluation, learning, strategic planning and development policy. Blessing holds a master’s degree in development studies and a BSc Hons degree in Agricultural Economics. Blessing has worked in various sectors including economic growth, agriculture, environment, humanitarian assistance, governance & health.


          Moussa Sacko

          Moussa, M&E and MAS specialist in Humanitarian Action, has more than 10 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation on development and humanitarian issues focusing, among other sectors, on social protection, migration, gender , food security and education.
          He has worked with international NGOs such as CARE International, Oxfam, Search For Common Ground and Catholic Relief Services in the development and humanitarian sectors. Working primarily with implementing partners and local NGOs, he has collaborated with other development and humanitarian actors including UNICEF, USAID, USDA, ECHO, MINUSMA, WFP, Group of the World Bank, etc. He works and lives in Mali as a consultant.
          His skills in project management, research methods and humanitarian action have allowed him to have a global vision of the difficulties that development and humanitarian projects can encounter and to improve the quality of the programs of the organizations with which he is accustomed. to work.
          He has been responsible for numerous studies and research both in their design and in their field phase, using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. These studies can range from needs analysis to program / project evaluation. In addition to his duties as MEAL coordinator, Moussa has contributed to carrying out dozens of assessments for various donors using remote and online data collection methods or / and fieldwork in conflict situations in Kidal, MĂ©naka, Gao, Tombouctou or Mopti in Mali. He is Malian and speaks fluent French and English.

            Image of Danielle


            Project Manager

            Danielle has lived and worked in multiple African countries. Proficient in managing full qualitative and quantitative research project cycles, she has worked for both UN agencies and INGOs, with a focus on education. She has also worked on large-scale quantitative research projects in the media sector and feasibility studies on the use of cash-based assistance in rural markets. She is fluent in English and French, holds an undergraduate degree from McMaster University (Canada) and a Master’s from Sciences Po Paris.


            Valsa Shah

            Associated Consultant

            Valsa Shah is a development economist and evaluator. She has nearly 25 years experience, focussing on quantitative and qualitative methods in programme design, value for money, evaluations and cost benefit analysis. She has had her own consultancy practice for over 10 years, before which she spent 14 years as a UK government economist. She is based in London.

              N. R. Musfika Laiju

              N. R. Musfika Laiju

              Associated Consultant

              With 20 years of experience in management, coordination, planning and program implementation, N. R. Musfika Laiju is a renowned Gender Specialist in Bangladesh. In her recent position as a Coordinator - Gender Based Violence (GBV), in South Asia for Action Against Hunger (ACF), she provided strategic advice and guidance to multi-sectorial technical advisors on GBV to ensure gender equality in programming. She also worked as a Gender Specialist for USAID where she provided support to partner organizations on gender issues. She has been involved in policy decision making process, strategy formulation and Gender advocacy in Bangladesh for many years. She also worked as Deputy Country Program Manager for Water and Life Bangladesh for 4 years where she provided solutions to the WASH crisis in the country



                Mohamad has almost twelve years of experience in the international and local development sectors, in areas related to the Syrian Crisis, intersections of humanitarian governance, aid, migration, security, development, and peace issues in the Levant region, Europe and Turkey. Mohamad gained this professional experience working with development cooperation agencies, think tanks and UN organizations in Syria and Lebanon, academic institutions and civil society organisations across the MENA and EU region. Mohamad is a Research Fellow at the Syrian Centre for Policy Research, and MEAL & Programme Development Specialist for several donors, NGOs and International agencies in the region.
                Mohamad is also an International Relations doctoral researcher at the University of St Andrews (UK), and holds an MSc in Economics Policy from the University of Reading (UK), an MBA in Corporate Management, and a BSc in Economics (Syria).

                image of Lauren

                Lauren Weiss

                Associated Consultant

                has led several evaluations and projects related to cash and market based programming for UN agencies, international NGOs, the Red Cross Movement and the OECD. These consultancies have covered the preparedness, relief, and recovery phases of the project cycle, spanning South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She is comfortable utilising both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Lauren is a native English speaker with excellent analytical, writing and editing skills, and also possesses a working proficiency in French. She holds a Master’s degree in International Public Management from Sciences Po Paris.


                  Marwa Ershaidat

                  Marwa Ershaidat, Regional Consultant and Arabic, Turkish and French speaker, has 8 years of experience in the humanitarian and development sector. She has direct experience working in protection, including with UNHCR, in the Middle East and related to complex crisis, refugees and host communities. For the past four years, Marwa has worked on evaluations of several humanitarian and development projects. She has experience in data collection, analysis, and reporting.

                  Seifu Tadesse

                  Seifu Tadesse

                  Seifu Tadesse is based in Addis Abeba, in Ethiopia. He has more than 15 years of proven track records in research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) systems design and implementation. Seifu has provided long-term MEL technical support and guide, qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis and report writing, data base management, data quality assurance, and knowledge management including lessons learned documentation and dissemination with INGO, Local NGO, UN and donors for example WFP, UNICEF, USAID, DFID, Save the Children. Seifu also has extensive experience in coordinating and facilitating capacity development initiatives. Seifu also has first-hand experience in designing and implementing diversified development programs with CARE International in Ethiopia.
                  Seifu Tadesse holds a Master in Monitoring and Evaluation, Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Development Studies; and a Bachelor of Art in Management. Seifu is fluent in Amharic, Oromifa, English with working proficiency in Somali.


                  Emmlyne Emmanuel

                  Associated Consultant

                  Emmlyne Emmanuel, has 10 years’ experience managing projects in Haiti, including with government and non-government stakeholders. With an educational background in public health and research methods, she has worked with international and local agencies to develop and implement health projects and has an in-depth understanding of the humanitarian environment and community issues in Haiti.


                    Cedric Fioekou

                    is an agronomist by training who has been supporting livelihood and food security interventions across the globe, with a strong focus on West Africa for the past 15 years. Throughout the years, Cedric also developed an in-depth understanding of cash and market-based programming and was recently Solidarites International global cash advisor. He speaks both French and English.

                    Samasti tandukar

                    Samasti Tandukar

                    Associated Consultant

                    has over 6 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research in close collaboration with various national and international institutions across Asia. She has experience preparing proposals, developing tools and guidelines, planning and implementing, and monitoring and evaluating programs. She is fluent in English, Nepali and Hindi with a sound working proficiency in Bengali and Chinese (Mandarin).


                    Basilike Gift Mwamlima

                    Basileke has 15 years of experience in Programme Evaluations, Reviews and Assessments. Basileke has conducted evaluations on Disaster Resilience; Social Protection; Real Time Reviews for the Malawi Red Cross through the Belgian Red Cross (BRC-FL); Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), GIZ, Concern Worldwide, World Vision, Water Aid, Just Associates, Plan Malawi International. Basileke works as a Monitoring, Learning and Adaptation Lead on a UK Aid funded project with Palladium, has worked with Counterpart International on USAID funded program. She worked with UNICEF at the Ministry of Gender. She holds a Master’s Degree in Development Studies.


                    Fredrick Luzze

                    Associated Consultant

                    Fredrick is a senior humanitarian and development specialist based in Uganda with over 12 years of experience as a private programming consultant. Before working in private consultancy, Fredrick worked in different middle and senior-level positions with several international NGOs in Uganda that included World Vision International, Save the Children-UK, Save the Children in Uganda (Norway), and Dan Church Aid. Fredrick has also supported programs in Tanzania, Burundi, and South Sudan. Fredrick has extensive experience in program design, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, and training/capacity building of partners.


                    Marie Boulinaud

                    Associated Consultant

                    Marie Boulinaud has more than 10 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, with roles that included designing, implementing and monitoring emergency food security and livelihoods programs, essentially through cash and voucher assistance (CVA). Her experience of monitoring and evaluation includes design and leading of baselines, endlines and PDMs in different contexts, essentially for emergency food security and liveilhoods programs and CVA. Marie’s roles have included management roles in the field for diferrent NGOs and WFP, global advisor roles for Oxfam and Relief International as well as consultancies for diverse actors such as CaLP, Concern or Oxfam, essentially in the cash and markets sector.
                    Marie has an excellent knowledge of the use of CVA for different sectoral outcomes, and of the linkages of humanitarian CVA with social protection schemes. She has supported major crisis responses such as the 2012 food crisis in the Sahel, the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh or the typhoon Haiyan response in the Philippines. She has also conducted several EMMAs and PCMAs in DRC, Niger, the Philippines and Haïti. Passionate about market-based approaches and the promotion of people’s dignity, Marie strongly believes in CVA as an effective and relevant approach to humanitarian assistance in most contexts. Marie is fluent in English and French and has a good knowledge of Portuguese.

                    Image of Chloé

                    Chloé Maillard

                    Associated Consultant

                    Chloé has undertaken many research pieces and evaluations, both qualitative and quantitative, covering sectors such as food security and livelihoods, nutrition, WaSH, education and child protection among others. Chloé has built a strong expertise in cash and market-based programming and more recently in developing user-centered approaches to evaluation and research (including child-friendly data collection and dissemination methods). Prior to joining Key Aid Consulting, Chloé worked on a project focusing on children’s rights and participation for a French NGO and on a cash transfer programme for UNICEF in Cambodia. Chloé speaks fluent French and English and has a working proficiency in Spanish. She holds a Master’s degree in International Development from Sciences Po Paris.


                    Johanna Jelensperger

                    Associated Consultant

                    Johanna is a senior consultant/evaluator with 16 years of experience in humanitarian and international development encompassing strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, management of multi-disciplinary programmes, facilitation of learning and transformative agendas and governance. She brings strong thematic expertise on nutrition, food security, resilience and cash-based assistance in both humanitarian and development settings, as well as her extensive knowledge of UN agencies landscape and multi-stakeholder initiatives on nutrition. She has been regularly engaging on migration issues, including with UNHCR, the Red Cross, and actors supporting asylum seekers in France. Johanna holds a Master’s degree in Management and Economics and started her humanitarian career in West Africa before joining FAO (2011-2016).


                    Rima Moati

                    Associated Consultant

                    Rima is a gender and inclusion consultant with a background in special education and educational sciences, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and behavioural decision science. She has experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and data analysis. Her experience in the educational and humanitarian sectors led her to promote change in international NGOs, schools and grassroots initiatives. Rima has successfully promoted equality, inclusion and civic engagement by mobilising resources, and initiated reforms in the educational and political agendas. She has extensive experience in face-to-face and online training in English, Arabic, and French about inclusion best practices, gender-based violence (GBV) and disability, and cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and gender-based violence (GBV).

                    Sylvestre Musengimanna

                    Sylvestre Musengimanna

                    Associated Consultant

                    Sylvestre Musengimana has over 12 years of experience as a consultant in Monitoring and Evaluation and professional trainer, with a strong track record in the East African Community (EAC). He is a certified specialist in Performance Evaluation and Analysis by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). His consulting expertise encompasses project monitoring, evaluation and learning, quantitative and qualitative research, training needs assessment, capacity building development and, strategy development and review. He has assessed several projects funded by donors such as the World Bank, USAID, the European Union (EU), UNHCR, WFP and FCDO. He has led and managed multi country research project in more than 20 countries of Africa by providing both technical assistance and logistics support to various team members based in different countries.
                    Sylvestre is an active member the International Consultants Alliance (ICA World). He is also a member of the advisory group of the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP), responsible for updating guidelines on the evaluation of humanitarian action using the criteria of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD). He is fluent in English and French languages.

                      THEY TRUST US

                      OUR VALUES

                      Key Aid’s Mission

                      We strive to contribute to increased accountability towards crisis-affected population through use-oriented ethical and participatory evaluations, inspiring adult learning materials and technical one-stop-shop on cash and market-based programming. We do so in a way that maximizes value for money for our client and gives our team a sense of purpose while letting them grow.

                      Make it Happen

                      We do whatever it takes to deliver quality and ultimately contribute to better and more accountable humanitarian responses. We figure out a way forward, even if it has never been done before. There is no instruction manual for achieving outcomes, so we are creative and relentless.

                      Set the bar high

                      We set super high standards because quality matters. We never cut corners when it comes to improving assistance to crisis affected households. We deliver consultancies that matter.


                      We push boundaries and challenge the assumptions others take for granted. We are not afraid of being shameless for the sake of crisis affected households. No matter how crazy things get, we never forget why we do this.

                      Laugh Together, Grow Together and be kind

                      We remember to have fun and to laugh at ourselves. We never stop learning. This journey is not about us or our egos. We put the mission first, then the team, then ourselves. We stay humble and tap into kindness as a key interpersonal skill. Being kind is being strong, not being weak

                      Confront the Grey

                      We speak up when our ethical compass is challenged. We practice transparency and radical candor. We believe that action requires integrity, and integrity requires action.

                      Work as a collective

                      We are smarter and more creative as a team because we all have different experiences and knowledge about particular topics/countries/contexts. Therefore, we are eager to collaborate, ask other team members, who are not necessarily involved on the same project.

                      Individual failure is not synonym of mistakes or fault

                      We give space to everyone to learn by doing, hence by making mistakes. The wisdom of the group is there to compensate potential individual failures. We are a learning organization and do not hesitate to question our ways of working and ways of doing for the sake of higher quality and happier teams.

                      Get Back Up and Have Each Other’s Back

                      When you take on great challenges, failure is inevitable. That doesn’t scare us. The minute we get knocked down, we get straight back up. Every time. We have the ability to recover from adversity, and keep on going. This journey is tough, but we have each

                      other’s backs. That’s how we always end up delivering projects that meet our clients’ expectations.