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CALP: Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff

We offer online or face-to-face CALP trainings for programme staff responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring cash and voucher assistance programmes. This course is structured around the project cycle and covers the key skills required to prepare, design, implement and monitor cash and voucher assistance. It is focused on a technical/programmatic perspective and incorporates examples and case studies from multiple sectors. Scroll down to read some testimonials from past participants!

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September 9th – November 29th 2024

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Paris, FR

November 25th – November 29th 2024

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What they say

Feedback from past training participants

The course covers a wide range of topics related to cash and voucher assistance, providing a thorough understanding of the subject matter. This is an excellent course to equip participants with practical skills, enabling them to apply the knowledge gained in real-world scenarios. It also helps to learn from the peer group as most of the participants have practical experience in dealing with the CVA programming. The facilitators are very efficient and supportive.

Online cohort September 2022

The course is rich on materials and the members of the cohort are great! It is very refreshing to meet others facing the same challenges around the world and learn from their perspectives and experiences.

Online cohort September 2022

The course provides a platform for honest conversations and exchanges, which benefit the entire group.

Online cohort September 2022

The course offers plenty of in-depth materials and resources, so learners can continue their journey on their own, depending on their needs and interests. The facilitator was great and very knowledgeable, so I can only recommend taking the course!

Online cohort September 2022

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