ACF – Cost-efficiency analysis of the pilot project fresh products voucher

Key Aid Consulting conducted a cost-efficiency analysis of a pilot project in food security and nutrition, implemented by Action again Hunger in Niger. The project compared three cash transfer modality options, spread on three groups of beneficiaries. This study sought to assess the results of each option on households’ food security and nutrition, then to calculate the direct and indirect costs of each option, and finally, to produce the cost-efficiency ratio of each option and compare them.
This study was based on a desk review and the use of data collected by ACF through baseline, PDMs and endline, which allowed to conduct a quantitative analysis of food security results and direct costs of the pilot. Primary data collection completed this analysis with qualitative elements through focus groups with beneficiaries. Information related to indirect costs of the project were also collected through key informant interviews with ACF staff.

CLIENTAction Contre la Faim
CATEGORYCash & Markets