World Vision – Cash Feasibility in Mozambique

World Vision - Cash Feasibility in Mozambique

In response to the drought caused by El Niño in Mozambique, CHEMO & COSACA Consortia implemented an emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH), Food Security and Livelihood (FSL) and Child Protection response.

As part of this response, food assistance was provided to beneficiaries through the use of paper and electronic vouchers. CHEMO and COSACA consortia wanted to determine the appropriateness of CTP to cover humanitarian needs in Mozambique in the case of a future natural disaster.

To assess CTP appropriateness, Key Aid Consulting looked at the community acceptance of CTP, the political acceptance and legal framework, market functionality, availability of reliable payment agents, operational conditions and value for money. The study aimed to assist World Vision Mozambique by informing future programming and advocacy efforts.

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