CRS – The revision of the MARKit manual and toolkit 2.0

Key Aid Consulting led the revision of the MARKit manual and toolkit, which aimed to provide field practitioners with easy-to-use guidance on how to conduct price monitoring. The revision process included helping to facilitate a workshop in LomĆ©, Togo to gather feedback from CRS country office staff, as well as representatives from other actors such as WFP and IRC.Market Monitoring, Analysis and Response Kit (MARKit) aims to improve program quality by enabling managers to adapt their programs to changes in the local market environment. MARKit provides a framework for market monitoring, analysis and response decisionā€‘making, using prices as the main indicator. Prices are highly sensitive to changes in market function, supply and demand and can therefore signal changes that need to be investigated further.
Through the introduction of a standardized methodology for price collection, management and analysis, MARKit is designed to support evidenceā€‘based decisionā€‘making.

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