Developping “Being Cash prepared” Toolbox

Cash & Market

The Key Aid Consulting team has supported CARE International in the development of its Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) toolkit. This toolkit was designed as a quick and easy way for all CARE staff to find all the tools available and to identify key steps to implement quality CVA programs while considering key gender issues. The toolkit is a single repository of tools available within and outside for the NGO.

To produce this toolbox, KAC conducted a desk review, based primarily on the CaLP Programme Quality Toolbox and other guidance on the topic, and took stock of tools available within CARE. The organisation country offices were consulted and invited to submit their best tools to populate the toolbox through an online form. The country offices shared over than 50 tools through this method. KAC evaluated each of these tools to ensure that they met quality criteria before integrating them into the final version.

The process was highly collaborative to ensure buy-in, with online workshops held with 5 specific country offices. In these workshops participants were asked to give feedback on the first version of the toolbox. Their feedback was integrated before the dissemination.


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