Evaluation of IDMC: Improving Humanitarian Capacity and System Strengthening to Respond to Internal Displacement by Generating Data and Evidence, Enhancing Coordination and Galvanising Action.


The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) intends to improve the humanitarian response to internal displacement by generating evidence, strenghtening capacity and galvanising action. It commissioned this final evaluation to assess its achievements, unique value proposition and level of alignement with the global operating environement such as the High Level Paner on Internal Displacement. Key Aid deployed a mixed method approach combining litterature review, semi structured key informant interviews and online survey with the users of IDMC product. The evaluation revealed the positive reputation of IDMC as an independant and neutral actor as well as the value add of its flagship publication. The evaluation also provided recommendations on brokering strategic partnerships and disseminating IDMC capacity strenghtening strategy.





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