Evaluation of the Sponsorship Programme in El Salvador 2010-2020: Primeros Pasos Hacia el Éxito (First Steps to Success)

Evaluation of the Dorcas DIF 121 Personal Cash Aid Project

Save the Children has run the Sponsorship Programme known as Primeros Pasos Hacia el Éxito (First Steps to Success) in the Area of Impact (AOI) formed by the departments of Sonsonate and La Paz since 2010. Primeros Pasos is based on a cost-effective and replicable model with an approach to life. It includes the components of Education, Health & Nutrition, Child Protection, Adolescent Development and Early Childhood Development.

The aim of this evaluation is:

(1) to assess the performance of Primeros Pasos in the AOI of Sonsonate and La Paz from the start of the programme; and to (2) to collate the lessons learned from the actions in this AOI to shape future programming. The evaluation used the outcome harvesting method and a mainly qualitative method based on interviews with Save the Children personnel, primary and secondary carers, key partners and adolescents.

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