External evaluation – End of the five-year “Model Village” programme in Rwanda


KAC conducted the final evaluation of the Action Plan (AP) 17-21 programme, which is part of the national Model Village strategy of the Rwandan Red Cross (RRC). This holistic approach of the programme proposes a simultaneous and coordinated intervention in different sectors: water, hygiene and sanitation, health, nutrition, disaster risk management preparedness, as well as improving economic conditions to strengthen community resilience. The programme covers 46 villages and KAC visited 6 villages in the districts of Gakenke, Ngororero, Karongi and Rutsiro. KAC organised, with the help of the RRC, 23 focus group discussions (FGDs) with beneficiaries and volunteers and 23 key informant interviews. The baseline and endline data were also used to independently recalculate the indicators and statistically test for changes. The numerous recommendations were then taken into account and discussed in a final workshop in order to adjust and improve the next phases of the project.


Rwandan Red Cross (RRC)



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