Group Cash Transfers (GCTs)

Group Cash Transfers (GCTs)

Key Aid Consulting supported the development of guidance and tools for the innovative concept of Group Cash Transfers (GCTs) – where cash is provided to groups responding to needs in their communities, rather than or alongside household and individual CVA.

Based on a mapping of existing and emerging practices, key informant interviews and an online survey, Key Aid developed guidance and tools to support facilitating agencies in designing, implementing and monitoring GCTs. These outputs were complemented with a report on Leveraging the Potential of GCTs to increase uptake and scale of the modality. Furthermore, a tip sheet was developed to support facilitating agencies in advocacy efforts on GCTs. The final outputs can be accessed via the following links:

GCTs Guidance and Tools (pilot version): here

Report on GCTs: here

Tip-sheet on GCTs for facilitating agencies: here




Webinar recordings from the launch of the guidance and tools:
(please note that the content for the two days is similar with the only difference being the panel experts who were involved):

10 March 2021: here
Q&A report

11 March 2021: here
Q&A report

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