HI – Labour Market Scoping Study in Biera, Mozambique

HI - Labour Market Scoping Study in Biera, Mozambique

Key Aid Consulting supported Humanity and Inclusion (HI) to frame the scope of a market assessment and economic sector analysis of Agricultural and non-Agricultural commodities to inform the development of HI future livelihood strategy to support Idai Cyclone-affected communities. More specifically, the objectives of the consultancy were to identify the sectors that present the main opportunities for sustainable and decent livelihoods for the crisis affected households, highlight any entry barriers households living with disabilities may face in Beira and identify potential new partnerships for HI in terms of training delivery, apprenticeships and mentoring. Key Aid’s team supported HI to collectively design the main features of the future livelihood programme in the form of a log frame and to develop the Terms of Reference that will be used to commissioned a holistic Labour Market Analysis.

The scope of the study covered the most affected households by Idai in Beira areas, mostly consisting of socio-economically deprived households and individuals with disabilities. The methodology was base on a secondary data review complemented by key informant interviews.

CLIENTHandicap International
CATEGORYCash & Market