Christian Aid – In their Lifetime (ITL) External Review and Report

In 2009 Christian Aid (CAID) launched a fundraising initiative “In Their Lifetime” (ITL) to assist CAID’s goal of ending poverty. Over the past decade, ITL has funded close to 30 experimental projects in more than 20 countries spanning across Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and the Middle East. CAID commissioned Key Aid Consulting to undertake an external review to investigate and share the ITL projects’ successes, challenges, and legacy with a wider audience, specifically its external donors. Therefore, this external review concentrated on reviewing ITL and ranking its projects in order to evaluate the extent to which they were successful through the prism of innovation. As part of the review Key Aid also developed four light-touch case studies in Nicaragua, Nigeria, Burundi, and Colombia, through remote Key Informant Interviews (KIIs), and two in depth case studies in Kenya and Myanmar, involving field data collection with KIIs and focus group discussions with beneficiaries and other key stakeholders.

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