IRW – Real-time Evaluation of Islamic Relief Worldwide’s Response to the Tsunami and Earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Following the devastating series of strong earthquakes in the central Sulawesi province of Indonesia in September 2018, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) provided support to Islamic Relief Indonesia to implement a multi-sectoral response to the crisis. The response represents a combination of 12 projects spread across two years and four months. These projects include a relief component (distribution of relief items right after the earthquake), as well as shelter, education, WASH, nutrition, DRR and livelihoods components.

Having completed the first phase of the response focusing on emergency relief and starting the recovery phase of the response, IRW commissioned Key Aid Consulting to conduct a real-time evaluation.

The purpose of this evaluation was to take stock of the projects and to provide feedback on its outcomes. Specifically, the evaluation aimed to highlight strengths, weaknesses, and best practices to inform the upcoming phases of the response and future programming. It assessed the projects’ relevance and appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency, coordination and coherence and its’ connectedness to longer-term objectives. It also included a qualitative assessment of Islamic Relief performance against the CHS.

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