Libya Labour Market Assessment for IOM

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Key Aid Consulting conducted a labour market assessment in Libya for IOM to contribute to a job rich inclusive labour market in Libya by shedding lights on persisting labour market challenges that migrant workers face in the country. This labour market assessment presents first a macroeconomic analysis and then a skill gap assessment focusing on the construction, the agriculture, the food processing sectors as well as the care economy.

The report provides macro and micro level recommendations targeting both institutional and governmental actors in Libya. All areas of engagement under the ‘skills and attitude’ component of the study focus on their relevance to employment and jobs promotion as informed by the macroeconomic analysis. Hence, the skill gap assessment provides analysis and recommendations that aim to strengthen interventions targeting migrant workers’ skill development in their broader labour market and macro-economic context.

Furthermore, the analysis of the supply side labour statistics and information in combination with the labour market demand side information sheds light on the key labour market challenges that can inform key policy direction towards inclusive job-rich growth. As such, the study can be used by the Ministry of Labour and inform the development of a comprehensive and needs-based Labour Migration Policy for Libya and as well as contribute to strengthen international cooperation efforts for a Labour Mobility Strategy.

Read the final report here.

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