NRC – Review of Logistics’ Role in Market Analysis and Roll Out Plan Development

NRC - Review of Logistics' Role in Market Analysis and Roll Out Plan Development

In the past years, humanitarian actors are increasingly using Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) in humanitarian responses. NRC Global Cash Evaluation and other recent studies have highlighted the role logistics could play in designing, implementing and analyzing assessment looking at market systems functionality. Logistics team is uniquely positioned to take a leadership role with market systems assessment and analysis, due to their experience with supply as well as interacting with providers and other market actors.

In this context, Key Aid Consulting has been commissioned by NRC to assess the existing market analysis-related capacity within the NRC logistics team at national, regional and global levels. Based on the results, Key Aid developed a roll-out plan for the NRC’s logistics teams to play a key role in market analysis in the near future. This roll out plan intend to articulate a clear plan to operational NRC commitments to strengthen logistics role in market assessment and analysis and the corresponding funding requirement to make sure that interventions do not cause harm to local markets. The consultancy objectives were met through a participatory approach, including NRC country-based logistics teams to help increase buy-in and ease the future roll out of the business case. The methodology included a desk review and an online survey which was distributed to the logistics teams at different levels in the organisation to map out the internal existing capacity-strengthening initiatives and resources.

CLIENTNorwegian Refugee Council
CATEGORYCash & Market