Pre Crisis Market Assessment (PCMA), Feasibility of cash transfers as part of a rapid response programme from the Enhanced Responses to Nutrition Emergencies (ERNE) programme

Cash & Market

Key Aid Consulting worked on a Pre-Crisis Market Assessment (PCMA) to complement the situation and response analysis and support the market-based programming of concern. The PCMA focused on understanding functionality and capacity of critical market systems to better design Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA). With the support of Concern team, data was collected in two markets of the Kiambi health zone in the Tanganyika. This included surveying business owners of the pre-identified critical market systems but also local authorities and financial service providers. A crisis scenario was identified by the local team to study the impact of conflict on market functionality and access. Finally, this assessment was used to inform the Early Warning Systems designed to respond to the rapid onset crisis.





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