SCI – COSACA Cash Preparedness Project Evaluation in Mozambique

This final evaluation was commissioned by Save the Children International (SCI) on behalf of the COSACA consortium to take stock of the DFID-funded Cash Preparedness’ achievement against its intended outcomes and the resulting level of in-country cash readiness. COSACA is a consortium of three international non-governmental organisations (INGOs): Oxfam, Save the Children, and CARE. These organisations have been working jointly in Mozambique since 2007 to improve effectiveness and efficiency of emergency preparedness and response activities through coordination and pooling of expertise, knowledge, and resources in terms of equipment, human capital, and information.

This evaluation strives to take stock of the programme’s achievement of its outcomes and the resulting level of in-country cash readiness. It strives to uncover the contributing factors to the programme’s success, or to identify those areas that need further improvement, with the goal of developing lessons learned and recommendations to further improve Mozambique’s cash preparedness.

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