Strategic roadmap for the National Cash Transfer Office

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Key Aid was commissioned for this work as part of the Social Protection Technical Assistance (STAAR) facility which is funded by FCDO. The overall vision underpinning this work is that Nigeria’s National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO) is the primary cash transfer delivery platform for various GoN Ministries, Departments and Agencies that support Social Protection. The NCTO staff and other key stakeholders aim to promote a cohesive approach to delivering cash transfers to the poor and vulnerable across Nigeria, drive efficiency and effectiveness in Government cash transfer delivery, and sustain this approach over time.
The specific objective of this assignment was to support that overall vision by working in partnership with the NCTO, and other key stakeholders, to develop a strategic roadmap for the NCTO.
This strategic roadmap outlines how the NCTO will fulfil its mandate by implementing phased action plans under nine “pillars”: staffing, capacity building, coordination, technology, quality assurance, social inclusion mainstreaming, grievance redress, collaboration and outreach. These pillars in turn, rest on a set of three organising principles:

  1. People,
  2. Processes,
  3. Partnerships

The roadmap is supported by a monitoring framework and a phased action plan. While the NCTO will take the lead in the area of programme delivery, successful implementation of this roadmap will require contributions from secondary and tertiary stakeholders in the form of effective programme design and an enabling environment comprising supportive policies, sound technical assistance and adequate financing.


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