UNHCR Cameroon – UNHCR feasibility review of using cash for shelter interventions in Far North Cameroon

Cash & Market

This review is focused on the feasibility of using cash as a modality for providing shelter in the Far North of Cameroon as part of UNHCR’s shelter and settlement response. The review is part of a larger regional evaluation of UNHCR’s shelter and settlement interventions in the West and Central Africa region, which aims to assess the contribution of these interventions to the lives of persons of concern and host communities, as well as their relevance and performance. The review was commissioned to provide insights on the potential use of cash for shelter interventions in Cameroon and inform the development of shelter strategies in the region. It covers UNHCR’s shelter interventions in Cameroon implemented between 2021 and 2022, targeting refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees, asylum seekers, and host communities.





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