UNICEF – One Unified Inter-Organisational System for E-cards (LOUISE) Learning Review in Lebanon

By late 2015, UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF and the Lebanon Cash Consortium foresaw the need to more effectively target the population in need, and to streamline cash assistance in a coordinated manner to ensure the fair distribution of cash assistance to eligible families. An agreement was reached between all agencies to channel all cash-based assistance through a common card system, known as the Lebanon One Unified Inter Organisation System for e-Cards (LOUISE). The consultancy was  based on analysing, capturing and developing a series of lessons learnt on LOUISE. As such, the consultants documented existing processes, developed analysis framework and wrote lessons learnt on LOUISE’s products and the process associated. This exercise will support the improvement of LOUISE’s internal processes but also feed into the global debate and evidence around the operational models of cash transfers.

The full report is accessible here